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25. Jul. 2019    -   A H145 for search and provision of aid  

D-HADL(13) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n 20274) of Airbus, 2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A factory-new H145 was seen at Donauwörth painted in olive and orange colors with SAR-titles, big thanks as always to Alexander Lutz.

23. Jul. 2019    -   First photo of c/n 0551 in the database  

D-HECG(14) - Eurocopter EC135T2+ (c/n 0551) of Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH, 05/2007.
Photo Credit: Mick Bajcar
Thanks again to Mick Bajcar we can add the first photograph of EC135T2+ c/n 0551 to the database, pictured in May 2007 at the Paris Air Show prior to delivery to Douane Francaise.

20. Jul. 2019    -   A unique historical picture from 1975  

D-HFSF - Hughes 369HS (c/n 11-0275S) of a private owner/operator, 08/1975.
Photo Credit: Mick Bajcar
Grateful thanks to Mick Bajcar who allowed us to publish his picture of Hughes 369HS D-HFSF taken at Egelsbach Airfield in August 1975.

16. Jul. 2019    -   See our first pictures of EC155B1 D-HFLG  

D-HFLG - Eurocopter EC155B1 (c/n 6757) of Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG, 10/01/2019.
Photo Credit: Ole Meisen
With great thanks to Ole Meisen, we can show you the first pictures of newly acquired EC155B1 D-HFLG.

13. Jul. 2019    -   The Republic of Serbia takes delivery of two factory-new H145M  

D-HCBV(12) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20249) cancelled to Serbia as YU-SAR 07/2019.
Photo Credit: Sven Seifert / Alexander Lutz

D-HADO(14) - Airbus BK117D-2m (c/n 20245) cancelled to Serbia as YU-MED 07/2019.
Photo Credit: Sven Seifert / Salinger Igor - / Sven Seifert
The Republic of Serbia takes delivery of two factory-new H145M, delivered to Serbia on 8th July 2019.

13. Jul. 2019    -   Cancelled as withdrawn from use  

D-HTVU - Robinson R22 Beta (c/n 1937) cancelled as withdrawn from use, 21/03/2019.
Photo Credit: Domenico Marchi
Privately owned R22 Beta D-HTVU was cancelled from the German helicopter register as being withdrawn from use at Thiene Airfield.

13. Jul. 2019    -   Cancelled as sold abroad in early 2019  

D-HUND - Robinson R44 Astro (c/n 0126) cancelled to an unknown country as ........ 31/01/2019.
Photo Credit: Raymond Michaux / Siegfried Hiltensberger / Jochen Thoma
Privately owned R44 Astro D-HUND was sold abroad in January 2019 after nearly two decades of being registered in Germany.

13. Jul. 2019    -   Another H135 for The Austrian Police Air Support Unit  

D-HECW(20) - Airbus EC135P3H (c/n 2083) cancelled to Austria as OE-BXQ 2019.
no photo in our database yet
The Austrian Police Air Support Unit takes delivery of a second factory new EC135P3H from a total of four on order.

13. Jul. 2019    -   Import from Switzerland  

D-HSPX - Schweizer 269C (c/n S-1688) of S.P. Luftbild GmbH, 13/02/2019P.
Schweizer 269C HB-XGJ was imported from Switzerland and is now reportedly in service with S.P. Luftbild GmbH from Dattenberg.

13. Jul. 2019    -   D-HULI was sold abroad in early 2019  

D-HULI - Robinson R22 Beta (c/n 1879) cancelled to an unknown country as ........ 20/02/2019.
Photo Credit: Christian Gundelfinger / Marcus Aulfinger / Tomas Milosch
Privately owned R22 Beta D-HULI was sold abroad in early 2019 after at least two decades of being registered in Germany.

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