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01. Mar. 2019    -   Prototype of newly developed Airbus City Demonstrator  

D-HCIA - Airbus CityAirbus Demonstrator AH-810 (c/n 001) of Airbus, 02/2019.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
The first picture of newly developed Airbus City Demonstrator which is powered by 8 specially designed Siemens SP200D drivetrains.

27. Feb. 2019    -   A new Robinson R44 for AIR LLOYD  

D-HALN(5) - Robinson R44 Raven I (c/n 1728) of AIR LLOYD Deutsche Helicopter Flugservice GmbH, 2019.
Photo Credit: Frank Vorwerk - HeliTechnical Data International
Thanks to Frank Vorwerk we show you the latest addition to the AIR LLOYD fleet while on duty over Düsseldorf.

24. Feb. 2019    -   A new H215 for The German Federal Police  

D-HEGR - Aerospatiale 332L1 Super Puma (c/n 3043) of Bundespolizei, 02/2019.
Photo Credit: Andreas Greß
The German Federal Police has taken delivery of a factory-new H215 helicopter which was recently seen at Bonn/Hangelar still carrying its French test registration, thanks to Andreas Greß.

23. Feb. 2019    -   A jewel from the last century  

D-HARI - Hughes 269A (c/n 63-0228) of Dr. Hans Riegel - Firma HARIBO, 07/1968.
Photo Credit: Jack Poelstra
Special thanks goes to Jack Poelstra who allowed us to publish a jewel from the last century and the first helicopter to be operated by Dr. Hans Riegel -Firma HARIBO.

17. Feb. 2019    -   New registrations  

D-HADO(14) - Airbus BK117D-2 (c/n ........) of Airbus, 2019.
Photo Credit: Sven Seifert
A recent visit to Ingolstadt unveiled this so far unknown H145, thanks to Sven Seifert.

09. Feb. 2019    -   Delivery to Heli-Flight GmbH & Co.  

D-HRIN - Robinson R44... I (c/n 2562) of Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG, 2019, 29/08/2018R.
A new addition to the fleet of Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. is recently delivered R44 c/n 2562.

07. Feb. 2019    -   Cancelled to Poland  

D-HFCY(2) - Robinson R44 Raven I (c/n 2015) cancelled to Poland as SP-SZD 28/11/2018.
Photo Credit: Andre Michel
Formerly in service with Aeroheli International GmbH & Co. KG since 2010 D-HFCY(2) is now cancelled to Poland.

07. Feb. 2019    -   A new member to the fleet of Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG  

D-HRAN - Robinson R44... II (c/n 14270) of Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG, 2019.
Photo Credit: Andreas Greß
A new member to the fleet of Reichelsheim based company Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG was noted yesterday at Bonn/Hangelar Airport, thanks to Andreas Greß.

03. Feb. 2019    -   Cancelled to Sweden  

D-HAII - Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil (c/n 9072) cancelled to Sweden as SE-JTN 30/01/2019.
Photo Credit: Jan Dammes
Formerly in service with Aeroheli International GmbH & Co KG D-HAII is now joining the Swedish register as SE-JTN.

03. Feb. 2019    -   D-HALH(3) is cancelled to Roeselare-based operator Roecuir bvba, Belgium  

D-HALH(3) - Robinson R44 Raven II (c/n 10937) cancelled to Belgium as OO-VET 01/02/2019.
Photo Credit: Theo Diekmann / Andreas Greß / Johannes Herrmann
Former D-HALH(3) is cancelled to Belgium and registered on 1st Feb. 2019 to Roeselare-based operator Roecuir bvba.

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