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19. Feb. 2021    -   A new BK117D-3 comes off the production line  

D-HADZ(6) - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n 21016) of Airbus, 2021.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
A new BK117D-3 comes off the production line and was noted in all aubergine-c/s performing a test flight.

14. Feb. 2021    -   New entry to the database: R22 Beta II D-HFRH  

D-HFRH - Robinson R22 Beta II (c/n 2661) of a private owner/operator, 08/1999.
Photo Credit: Georg Trautmann
The photo archive of Georg Trautmann unveiled the first image of Robinson R22 Beta II D-HFRH, which was re-registered as D-HFLO(3) at the turn of the millennium.

14. Feb. 2021    -   The first images of DRFs new five-bladed H145 D-HXFA  

D-HXFA - Airbus BK117D-3 (c/n 21009) of DRF - Luftrettung, 02/2021.
Photo Credit: Ole Meisen
Big thanks goes to Ole Meisen who kindly submitted the first images of the new five-bladed H145 D-HXFA of DRF -Luftrettung,
which will be the first D3-version to enter the German Air Rescue scene.

07. Feb. 2021    -   Sikorsky S-76C++ D-HMGX cancelled to USA  

D-HMGX - Sikorsky S-76C++ (c/n 760710) cancelled to USA as N768AM 29/01/2021.
Photo Credit: Bruno Siegfried / Bernhard Stooss / Gerhard Ruehl
The 2008-built S76 with the emblem and titels of the French winery Chateau du Tertre
was sold to Spectrum Health Hospitals, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA at the beginning of the year 2021.

31. Jan. 2021    -   First image of JetRanger II D-HALF(1)  

D-HALF - Bell 206B JetRanger II (c/n 1765) of HELIRENT Florian Lacherdinger e.K., 08/1986.
Photo Credit: Georg Trautmann
A big thank you again goes to Georg Trautmann, who has sent Helionline a big part of his private archive for historical documentation,
including a picture from 1989 that shows Bell 206 JetRanger II D-HALF(1), which has not yet been documented by photo so far.

30. Jan. 2021    -   Another H135 unit for the Romanian SMURD  

D-HECO(29) - Airbus EC135T3H (c/n 2145) of Airbus, 2021.
Photo Credit: Alexander Lutz
In autumn 2019 the Romanian Ministry of Interior ordered three H135 plus seven H135 on option to be operated
by the national HEMS service SMURD. In the meantime some options appear to have been changed into orders.

24. Jan. 2021    -   Hughes 269C D-HOBS(3) cancelled as withdrawn from use  

D-HOBS(3) - Hughes 269C (c/n 128-0755) cancelled as withdrawn from use 16/09/2020.
Photo Credit: Dieter Risch / Joachim Lippl / Lars Hoebers
Hughes 269C of Sky Heli GmbH was withdrawn from use at Schoenhagen Airfield in September 2020, following the expiry of the CofA.

24. Jan. 2021    -   350B2 D-HJTD cancelled and reserved as D-HMLP again  

D-HJTD - Aerospatiale 350B2 Ecureuil (c/n 9084) cancelled as withdrawn from use 28/10/2020.
Photo Credit: Roberto Bianchi / Davide Pernici
2007-built 350B2 D-HJTD of GRS Heli Service was cancelled from the register on 19th October 2020 but is however reserved as D-HMLP again.

24. Jan. 2021    -   Generation change in air rescue - we say goodbye to four BK117  

D-HAWK(2) - Eurocopter BK117B-2 (c/n 7225) cancelled as withdrawn from use 07/09/2020.
Photo Credit: Johannes Herrmann / Peter Steinlechner / Julian Giptner / Franz Mayer

22. Jan. 2021    -   Agrarflug Helilift sold a Bell 212 to Canada  

D-HOOK(5) - Bell 212 (c/n 30661) cancelled to Canada as C-GTWK 21/01/2021.
no photo in our database yet
Agrarflug Helilift GmbH from Ahlen/Nord sold a Bell 212 to Canada in January 2021, to be operated by TRK Helicopters (B.C.) Ltd.

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